Friday, October 27, 2017

Traveling in Italy - The Wine Harvest

The Wine Harvest

Buona giornata (good day)!  Now it's truly the next day in my body clock and any other form of time keeping. I slept soundly and ready for the next day.  It's very early and who needs technology anyway.  A distant rooster takes the place of an alarm clock.  The air is lovely and cool and still. Waking up in a room with stone walls and a 20-foot ceiling of centuries old timbered beams. A little later, now about 6:30 am, the sound of birds is beginning to fill the rooms and I'm set for a day of exploring. Because there are many churches, the church bells ring across the hills frequently - a lovely distant sound.

But taking away all my own art supplies will add to the challenge of exploring where to go with my art - perhaps the best way.  The facility provides everything, but there's nothing like having your own.  What will today bring?  Perhaps my luggage, perhaps some surprises?  Again, serendipity?

An early email tells me my luggage has been located and will be delivered in a day or two, but not soon enough to have my gear. So I set off for a morning walk taking photos and sketching.  Fortunately, as a last minute addition, I threw into my carry-on bag a small sketch book and one pencil in case I was stuck in an airport.  The air has a light pungent aroma that is probably a combination of olive trees and grapes.  Then I settled into the studio to read the books about other artists who have been here in the recent past. Some high quality and innovative work, but I'm going back to my sketching for the moment.  Plenty of time to paint when I join the workshop on Sunday. My first goal here was to photograph vineyards and olive groves so I set off to do just that yesterday and today, dozens of them.

The very next day they had all quietly disappeared – all of them gone!  They had been harvested quietly.  In amongst all the rows of grapevines I could occasionally glimpse a worker. But I have dozens of photos and this morning the sun was bright, the day cool and everything here in Greve looks beautiful and they’ve begun to get rain in the night after a severe drought. The surrounding hills stretch forever and the breezes sweep down across the valley and beyond.

The luggage is finally here and intact, but I no longer feel compelled to use paint so I'll keep sketching.  And most importantly the chargers are here and adapters work so I'm back in business writing this blog.