Friday, October 27, 2017

Traveling in Italy - Packing Up and Back to Florence

Packing Up and Back to Florence

Packing up and again on the bullet train back to Florence and the workshop.  We had a wonderful time and must have lost weight just laughing let alone walking all around Venice, and shopping - oh the shopping!  The last thing I intended to focus on was shopping, but the prices are well below those in the states for the same things - cashmere, leather (Italy is known for).  In the states if I go into a mall once a year that's a lot.  Generally I detest shopping, but I have to admit this has been fun to roam through the open air markets, banter and barter in Italian (or try to), enjoy the aromas and sounds.

But my focus is not on shopping, but the architecture, the art and the people of Italy.  Everywhere I go I can envision Renaissance men and women dressed in the attire of the day sweeping through the streets of Venice or Florence, unencumbered by tourists, and generally tending to the business and social life of the day.  Today's tourists seem out of place and superfluous in such ancient and magnificent landscapes.  We seem crude, loud, and ugly by comparison. The food is another focus.  It is delicious and fresh in every part of Italy I’ve been.