Friday, October 27, 2017

Traveling in Italy - First Day in Venice

First Day in Venice

Repacked again and heading off to the train station again!  This time a few of us are taking the train to Venice for three days of plein air painting.  We're staying in a small hotel two buildings down a side canal right from the Grand Canal.

As soon as we checked in and dropped off our bags we headed off to explore, stopping at a great little tapas place.  After a Spritz (a very refreshing Italian drink for the very Italian pastime of apertivo) and the taste of Venice.  There's something very special about touring, walking, getting tired, enjoying food with friends and laughing so much!  We stayed until time for dinner then off to a restaurant recommended by the hotel's concierge. A good sign when we found it full of locals even while very near the hotel.  More interesting information to retain about food for future paintings.