Friday, October 27, 2017

Traveling in Italy - Greve In Chianti

Greve In Chianti

So Mimma and I have driven into Greve In Chianti.  Now this puts life into perspective.  The well-worn stones on which we're walking were centuries old before Columbus even discovered America!  The town is now 1,069 years old and one of the town's famous citizens was Giovanni Varrazano who's name is recognizable to anyone living in and around New York City as the bridge was named after him.  Here in Greve there's a statue of Giovanni in the main town piazza as well as a stone commemorating the bridge in New York.  And in New York alongside the bridge is a similar stone commemorating the town of Greve In Chianti. As immigration and migration have played such a vital role in America our current political administration should take note as without it the U.S wouldn't  exist at least as we know it (some would say couldn't into the future) and certainly not without the Italians who helped make America great just as every other ethnic group that has contributed (something our alt-right and conservatives should also take note of as they undoubtedly descend from some of the immigrants, as we all have, at one time. Saying we are taking back our country just highlights the extent of our murderous, racist thievery as it was really the North American natives' country when we arrived and before we raped, pillaged and appropriated it away from them.  But this kind of talk is leading me down the path back to too much of today's sad realities.

As part of the lost luggage I was to blame for losing my own sunglasses so Mimma very kindly took me to an optical shop in town to buy a new pair on a beautiful non-mall side street off the piazza. Most of these side streets house small shops, pasticcerias, and of course the ubiquitous gelato shops!

We also went to the food market to buy a few things.  Both were a wonderful opportunity for noi parleremo in Italiano!  I've been trying to learn Italian over the last year but it's been slow.  Actually having to survive by living in the local environment and using their language is a much better way to learn a language.  It's comical, but effective if you want to buy something like toilet paper instead of asking mistakenly for sugar!  I knew zucchero!  I also wanted to buy a small amount of sliced meat I watched the butcher cut for another customer, but was so intent on asking in Italian for "a small amount.... just one more slice" that I ended up with enough slices to feed four people before I realized what I’d been saying!

Exhausted and finally a healthy meal in me I'll sleep well tonight!