Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Chapter

Time to start a new chapter.   The last post was a hint.

Now that I've retired to paint full time I've decided it's time to do a refresher.  Purpose - to unlearn bad habits in oil, relearn techniques I've forgotten and to learn new techniques and technologies.  All this while my focus is on the styles of the old masters, in particular the Flemish painters of the roughly 13-15th centuries.  This blog will focus on my progress or lack thereof.... hopefully the former!

I joined Sandra Wakeen's atelier to work with a great group of artists.  My focus consists mostly of still life, soon a refresher in figurative (spent years just drawing the figure but stopped to focus on still life), and some plein aire painting.  Most of my current work is comprised of small (5x7 or 6x8) studies: